In the shadow of its stone monuments, the town of Bitche conceals a green setting of light. The war is over! The former esplanade, once dedicated to military culture, is now home to the green Garden for Peace.

Jardin pour la Paix 2021 C Fritz (13)Stretching over nearly five hundred meters, this garden offers a succession of alternately open and confined spaces that are harmoniously articulated around a belvedere promenade. This atypical configuration has proved to be conducive to countless landscape variations, offering the visitor as many stops for discovery.

The Garden for Peace has also given rise to a veritable festival of imagination, exchange and ephemeral flowering experiments. The Garden for Peace bears in its name one of its primary vocations: to reconcile the past with the present and to make peace flourish through sharing and biodiversity at the foot of a site once marked by wars and antagonisms.

Jardin pour la Paix 2021 C Fritz (5)The Garden for Peace has finally evolved and is nourished by its time. The many experiences it has generated have led to the extraordinary flowering of the town of Bitche. The exchanges with artists, craftsmen and other professionals have inspired our gardeners to such an extent that they now know no limits in the development of their fruitful relationships but also in the implementation of their own creations, all tinged with history and emotion.

The Accueillett', the shop and cafeteria of the Garden for Peace, welcomes you during opening hours and offers you its usual services of drinks, pastries and snacks.

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The garden for Peace

The Garden for Peace

The Garden for Peace

The Garden for Peace

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