Citadelle musée 1870 C Fritz (2)

Museum Men in the 1870 War

  • Intended as a place of openness and awareness, the historical museum Men in the 1870 War is housed in the former bakery of the citadel.
  • Plunging the visitor into a calm and serene atmosphere, in total contradiction with the tumult of the war, the museum highlights the human aspects of the war, beyond the political stakes and nationalist rivalries that led to the Franco-Prussian conflict of 1870.
  • Whether French, Prussian or Bavarian, portraits of soldiers are displayed on vertical elements. Their equipment is displayed in horizontal showcases, including uniforms, weapons, helmets, breastplates and soldiers' accessories.
  • The use of different media provides important historical information for the understanding of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.