Fortress glacis tour

At the foot of the walls, visitors can take the panoramic path that overlooks the glacis of the citadel.

The Bitche citadel, a 17th and 18th century military structure, is surrounded by a steeply sloping, treeless rampart. In the vocabulary of bastioned fortification, this space is called the glacis. Its purpose was to open up the field of vision for the defenders of the citadel and to offer no shelter to its attackers.


Over the centuries, the glacis of the citadel has given rise to many problems with regard to its maintenance. At the time it was built, the priority was to maintain its strategic functions. Today, the maintenance of the glacis is not only of heritage interest, but also of ecological importance.

The panoramic path goes around the citadel in approximately one kilometre, and is enhanced by nine stations that allow visitors to learn more about the function and history of the glacis, but also about the natural environment and the means used today to enhance it.