1870 - 1960

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1870 → 1960

It was during the French Revolution that the citadel was for the first time subjected to a military assault. During the 1870 war, under the orders of Commander Teyssier, the citadel withstood the longest siege in its history, including three deadly bombardments. As the territory of the current department of Moselle became German in 1871, a German garrison took possession of the place of Bitche until 1918, the date of its return to France.


Gradually losing its military interest in the face of the evolution of artillery, the citadel underwent a few refurbishments at the end of the 19th century, notably to armor the superstructures. During the First World War, it did not suffer from the hostilities. However, the Second World War and the Allied bombing raids of 1944-1945 put an end to the military use of the fortress.


The municipality of Bitche acquired the citadel in 1960 with a view to preserving it and enhancing its heritage value.